Shandong Tianli Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tianli), established in 1994, is a state-level high-tech enterprise held by Shandong Scitech Innovation Group Co., Ltd. Tianli takes drying, calcination, evaporation high-end equipment and related green and low-carbon projects as the core, develops chemical and new material frontier projects, and is a supplier of core equipment and overall engineering solutions for energy and materials. The business scope includes engineering design, project operation management, core equipment manufacturing, equipment integration and EPC contracting, mainly serving the petrochemical, new energy, new materials, biochemical, energy saving and environmental protection industries. Tianli is the President of China General Machinery Association Drying Branch and Leader of Drying Professional Group of CIESC, and is the leader of China’s drying industry.


Tianli has five business segments: Engineering Design Center, Engineering Technology Center, R&D Center, Equipment Manufacturing Center, and International and Domestic Business Center. Tianli has a design institute with design qualifications, all professional personnel are available to provide core process package technology, engineering design, and EPC contracting services. The R&D center has the largest drying technology laboratory in China with complete testing and experimental equipment, which can undertake major national and provincial scientific and technological research tasks.

The equipment manufacturing center covers an area of 70,000m2, with an annual processing capacity of 5,000 tons. The international and domestic business divisions have undertaken more than 3,000 projects in the fields of high-performance materials, new energy materials, biological and chemical new materials, basic chemical industry upgrading, energy conservation and environmental protection, and has a relatively high competitive advantage in some industries. “Keyuan Tianli” is a well-known brand in Shandong.

Tianli has built Shandong Key Laboratory of Energy Saving Technology in Drying Process, and has the following technical centers: Shandong Enterprise Technology Center, Shandong “One Enterprise One Technology” R & D Center, Shandong Engineering Research Center for High Value Collaborative Utilization of Bulk Solid Waste, Shandong Technology Research Center for Advanced Energy-saving Drying Engineering, Shandong Cooperation Research Center of China and Poland Drying Technology, Shandong Energy-saving Drying Engineering and Equipment Industrial Design Center and Super Clean Emission Engineering Technology Research Center of Shandong Academy of Sciences. Tianli has completed more than 60 national and provincial scientific research projects, and won a number of provincial science and technology progress awards and industry science and technology progress awards. At present, Tianli is undertaking the first technical research project of the “open competition mechanism to select the best candidates” of Qinghai province. Tianli has 232 patents, including 101 invention patents. Tianli is the Shandong “Gazelle Company”, Shandong “Specialized and Sophisticated New” Enterprise, Shandong Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise and Shandong Manufacturing Industry Individual Champion Enterprise.

“Innovation Leading, Lean Manufacturing, High Ingenuity, Excellent Quality” is Tianli’s development orientation in the past 30 years. Tianli will adhere to the concept of green development, and make positive contributions to China’s carbon peak and carbon neutral development goals.